On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Canadian Federation of University Women, CFUW Wolfville is marking it with a $750 award to Horton High School.

This is a one-time award presented at graduation at the end of June. The eligible student must possess an outstanding high school academic record and show leadership initiatives that positively affect the quality of life of others.

Nicole Silver is the recipient and is well respected by students and staff.  She is headed to Acadia in the fall to study Kinesiology.  She has participated in the following at Horton: hockey, rugby, soccer, volleyball, basketball, student council rep., Respect for Diversity group, Peers Learning about Youth and Sexuality group, volunteered at the boys’ basketball provincials and has also had numerous experiences in the community as well.

Women’s and Gender Studies Award

This year the Women and Gender Studies Award went to Kelsey McGowan, a student in History, whose topic was “Untamed Women in the Class of 1916.”


NICOLE FERLAND graduated with a B.A. Human Rights, 20111 from the University of Winnipeg. She is undertaking her Master of Education, Indigenous Land-Banded Education, 2018-2020

In collaboration with the Manitoba Metis Federation, the Louis Riel Institute, and Métis knowledge-holders and families, Nicole will develop and deliver a community-centered urban Métis land-based education experience, and explore the question, How can urban land-based education deepen Red River Métis families’ understanding of and connection to their culture, identity, and history? The project will produce a Métis-specific urban land-based education curriculum for use in Winnipeg and a model for developing land-based curriculum that can be adapted for use in other locations. It will also contribute to the growing field of Métis-specific research methodologies and to literature relating to historic and contemporary Métis land education practices.