CFUW believes that women working together can continue to build a strong national organization to ensure that all girls and women have equal opportunities and equal access to quality education within a peaceful and secure environment where their human rights are respected. Membership is available through the CFUW Wolfville Club. Membership fees for 2021-2022 are not determined. Students pay a reduced rate. Cheques can be made payable to CFUW Wolfville.


Dynamic Women Can Make a Difference!

Be part of a national group that:

  • Fosters education and lifelong learning
  • Advocates for women’s equality and human rights
  • Offers opportunities to network with like-minded women at the local level, sponsor community action projects to promote equity, serve in club leadership positions, and lobby local, provincial and federal legislators on CFUW priority issues.
  • Is part of the International Federation of University Women (GWI)
  • Has special consultative status at the United Nations
  • Is represented at the Canadian Commission for UNESCO
  • Your membership helps strengthen CFUW’s national voice on gender equality and human rights. As an organization entirely funded through our membership and dependent on our members lobbying their elected representatives at the local level, your participation makes a huge difference!

Membership Categories

§  Join a Club and become a Full Member

    • Any woman who supports the goals of CFUW is welcome to join!
    • CFUW member Clubs can be found in cities and towns across Canada. Check to see if there is a Club in your area and contact them to become a member.

§  Student Member

    • Women who are residents of Canada and students at a post-secondary institution.
    • A student member is entitled to all privileges and responsibilities of being a full CFUW member, but pay only 50 per cent of the club dues.
    • Students can also become members-at-large